At Atkinson Financial Planning, we are dedicated to delivering strategic advice specifically tailored to your individual circumstances and taxation situation, to make sure you achieve tax effective results. We prefer to use direct uncomplicated investments such as Shares, Fixed Interest and Property.

We created our business to provide a better, a more personalised alternative to wealth management and offer a high touch, private bank style service, whilst maintaining value to you. We place great importance on your ongoing involvement in the investment process, and always consult and advise when making those crucial investment decisions.

Our fees are also uncomplicated and we insist on a full and clear undertsanding, to guarantee transparency.

We value and actively foster solid long-term relationships, founded on integrity and trust.

"We take the time to ensure that our clients are
conscious of the journey they are on and then work
with them to construct a strategy to enjoy that journey."

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Established in 1990, Atkinson Financial Planning is based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, East Doncaster, around 20 minutes from the CBD and provides financial planning services to private clients throughout Melbourne and around Australia.

We are dedicated to delivering a total investment solution specifically tailored to our client's individual circumstances and taxtaion sitatuion, to make sure they achieve tax-effective investment results.

We created our business to provide a better, more personalised alternative to wealth management. We place great importance on our clients having involvement in the investment process, and always consult and advise our clients when making those crucial investment decisions.

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Our Planning Process

Our experienced advisers will guide you through a process that is designed to help you achieve your goals.

01. Initial Meeting

During our inital appointment we step you through a discovery document to allow us to gain an understanding of your true financial needs by establishing your key goals focusing on who and what is most important to you along the journey.

We will collect the information necessary to assess your sustainability to various strategic options by asking a series of questions that allow us to ensure we are fully informed and what you would best like to achieve from your financial plan.

Using the data gathered during this meeting we will begin to develop a detailed strategic advice document.

02. Strategic Analysis

With a full understanding of your current situation and goals that are most important to you, we are then able to complete further background research as we explore and model the best strategic plan tailored to your current situation.

03. Presentation of the Strategy

In this meeting we will present to you our Strategic Advice Document (Statement of Advice) which reconfirms your current situation and key goals as we understand them from our initial meeting. This document will act as a roadmap helping to maximise your ability to achieve the goals you have set.

Smart strategic solutions with a focus on providing you with the financial freedom to allow you to achieve your goals along the journey.

04. Implementing the Strategy

After providing us with authority to proceed, proactive implementation is essential in maximising success in your strategic plan. Working closely with the Atkinson Financial Planning team, we will guide you through the process of achieving the financial setup as agreed upon within our advice document.

Implementation meetings will be arranged to ensure each step is understood by you and the optimal result achieved.

05. Review

To reinforce that you remain on track to achieving the goals you initially identified, we will provide you with scheduled reviews of your ongoing financial position and new strategies that will inevitably evolve and become available in the future.

The process of review is essential as it allows us to ensure your financial success over the journey.

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Understanding superannuation is the key ingredient to being able to fund your own retirement. The earlier you establish an understanding and gain control of your superannuation asset the sooner you can drive it harder with investments you are most comfortable with toward establishing your retirement nest egg.

There have been some significant changes to Financial Services legislation focused heavily on superannuation reform. This area continues to evolve and it is critical to have an Adviser who continues to be up to date with these changes.

A Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is a trust where money or assests are held and managed on behalf of members to provide retirement income in the future.

Essentially, SMSF's are for family members and close business associates who wish to take more control of their retirement savings. Briefly, a SMSF is definedin the following way: has 4 members or less; all members must be trustees and all trustees must be members. Where the trustee is a company, all members must be directors of the trustee company and all directors must be members of the fun. No member of the fund can be an employee of another member unless they are also related; and, the trustee cannot receive any remuneration for fulfilling his or her duties as a trustee of the fund. Recent legislation which allows for borrowing within a correctly structured SMSF has opened the door for investment properties in Property.

Once you achieve your required nest egg in Superannuation savings, retirement becomes a realistic option. Often the adjustment from working 5 days a week 48 weeks a year to nothing needs to be considered. Which is why we query;

Estate planning is all about having control of your assets, making sure that the right amount of money and assets go to the right person(s) at the right time. It is about wealth succession. Estate planning is complex and requires the expertise offered by a solicitor in conjunction with the guidance of Atkinson Financial Planning. The specific areas of successful estate planning are: Wills, Power of Attorney and Testamentary Trust.

When considering whether Risk Insurance products are necessary “for you”, to insure against sickness, injury and death, we like to remind our clients the key reasons for undertaking such policies. The key benefit is to ensure your family is financially supported if any such occurrences eventuate in the future. There is no set formula for establishing how much Life, TPD and/or Trauma cover to take out but some key questions to consider would be;

Are you a guarantee for personal or business loans? Who would become responsible for these if you were to pass or become seriously ill or injured?

The goal to provide your child(ren) private school education can be a significant financial burden, which, depending on how many children you have and what school(s) you choose can be into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The earlier you begin saving the more achievable the goal will become. There are numerous investment options available to you, which can assist you in a tax friendly manner to getting your child into the school you most desire for them.

David Saynor

General Manager

David began with Atkinson Financial Planning in January 2004 as part of the RMIT co-operative education program. After his first 12 months with Atkinson’s he returned to RMIT to complete his Bachelor Business – Financial Planning. After enjoying a 9 month ‘gap year’ period in 2005/06 backpacking around the world, David returned to Atkinson’s as a Paraplanner. David gained became an Authorised Representative of Paragem and Office Manager in June 2014. Taking on a more hands on and key role of the practice in recent years, David is now General Manager and equity holder in the business since January 2017.

David is a keen sports enthusiast, still playing social basketball with friends on a Monday and an RACV Golf Club member currently playing off 18. David loves his MCC membership and following the Hawks through the winter months.


Steve Atkinson


Steve has worked in the Financial Services Industry for 45 years. Steve is focused on providing high quality and personally tailored financial advice that meets the requirements of his clients. Steve has extensive experience in all forms of Financial Planning, whether it be the early stages of wealth creation, or preparing strategies for clients addressing their Retirement & Estate Planning needs.

Steve also advises on Self Managed Superannuation Funds and has excellent knowledge of purchasing Direct Property within the Superannuation environment. Steve is a SMSF Association SMSF Specialist Advisor (SSA), Licensed Real Estate Agent and Justice of the Peace (JP).


Patrick Deltiglio

Client Services

Pat started with Atkinson’s in November 2017. He is currently completing a Bachelor Degree with the RMIT Business school in Economics & Finance. As part of Pat’s third year he has worked with Atkinson’s as part of the co-operative education program. Pat will return to RMIT in 2019 to complete the degree and will remain with Atkinson’s on a part-time basis throughout this period.


John Hintum

Client Services

John started with Atkinson’s in July 2018. He is currently completing a Bachelor Degree with the RMIT Business school in Economics & Finance. As part of John’s third year he is now working with Atkinson’s as part of the co-operative education program, which will complete in the mid part of 2019.

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